Will Taking Birth Control Really Make You Gain Weight?

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Tons of women swear off contraception because of the idea that it’ll make you look like the Oros man.

They say you’ll blow up like a balloon, but are those rumour legit? Will birth control make you gain weight? It depends on what you’re taking, say the exerts. 

The Deal With Birth Control and Weight Gain 

Once thought an urban myth, birth control’s link to weight gain has become solidified – sorry! Both the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reports the link. But one caveat: it depends which contraception you’re using. Follow this cheat sheet to keep the kilos away.

Method: Depo-Provera

The worst offender is Depo-Provera, the contraceptive shot. Depo contains a synthetic hormone that keeps oestrogen levels low, preventing the release of eggs. Women who used it were twice as likely as those who used a non-hormonal contraceptive to become obese over three years, even after accounting for exercise and eating habits.

Average weight gain over three years: 5kg

Average percentage increase in body fat: 3.41

Fight the flab: If your diet and exercise habits stay the same after starting and you gain a lot, talk to your doc about other methods.

Method: The Pill

Average weight gain over three years: 1.5kg

Average percentage increase in body fat: 1.63

Fight the flab: Women who strength-trained for at least two hours a week lost less kilojoule-burning muscle mass.

Looking for more info on contraception? This is what can happen to your body if you decide to stop taking your pill  and these are some of the side effects of birth control. 

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