Exactly How To Choose The Skinniest Drinks At The Bar

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Sip on this!

Avoid turning happy hour sour with these smart choices…

White Wine 

Higher alcohol means more kilojoules, so try to order a white wine with an alcohol volume of around 12. Sauvignon Blancs, unwooded Chenin Blancs and Rieslings are often lighter — just check the bottle. Make a spritzer to stretch it out.
Ditch the heavy Chardonnay with an alcohol volume to match (usually around 14). You could save yourself almost 100kJ per glass.

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Red Wine 

Pick a full-bodied wine like a Shiraz – around 490kJ for a medium glass — because it has the most heart-friendly antioxidants.
Pay attention to the alcohol levels again. Some Cab Sauvs may be as high as 14.5. And share — splitting a bottle between the whole table will ensure you don’t scoff half of it yourself. Also, drink water in between, obvs.

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Upgrade your gin habit and swap the G&T for a 480kJ Gin Rickey — that’s gin, soda and lots of fresh lime juice. One regular tonic can contain up to five teaspoons of sugar.
Steer clear of black Sambuca. A shot of the stuff contains 430kJ and more than 11g of sugar. Yep: just one shot. Now that is hard to swallow.

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Sparkling wines are generally low-kilojoule. Nutritionist Helen Walker suggests trying a Champagne cocktail, like a Bellini, with some natural, fresh fruit nectar.
Say no to Long Island iced tea – it’s got about the same number of kilojoules as six McDonald’s nuggets. (!!!) That’ll be the vodka, rum, gin, tequila and triple sec…

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Beer & Cider  

Any “light” beer is the obvious choice. Stellenbrau Governor’s Red Lager contains a measly 31kJ per 100ml (compared to your average brew, which can pack around 160kJ per 100ml).
Ciders and fruit beers don’t count as one of your five-a-day and can rack up around 800kJ per drink. Also keep an eye on the alcohol levels — avoid anything
above five percent (we’re looking at you, Savanna Dry).

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