This Trick Could Help You And Your Weight-Loss Buddy Lose Weight

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By Jamie Hergenrader, photography  by Thomas Barwick/getty

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Give this finding a fist-pump emoji: Dieters shed more kilos when they receive personalized texts encouraging them to keep up with their weight-loss goals than automated ones.

And it makes sense since “OMG! You made it to the gym more than four times this week!” has more ego-boosting power than “Keep up the hard work!” Lame. That fun fact is all the more reason to rope your healthy buds into holding you accountable to your eating and workout goals (and vice versa).

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To keep your motivation at an all-time high, start a group text and send inspiring texts like these on the regular, says study author Mandy Schippers, e-research developer at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Saw your 5km run on MapMyRun today – killing it! Even farther than last week’s!

Why it rocks: Direct and specific feedback shows that you’re following her progress and invested in her success.

Check your e-mail. I sent you a link to a bunch of recipes for low-fat desserts. They look delicious!

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Why it rocks: Nonjudgmental tips help her make healthy decisions, whether in terms of portion size, diet choices, or habits.

You’re going to feel so great once you hit your goal. So proud of your progress!

Why it rocks: Motivational prompts amp confidence and let her know she deserves props for her hard work.

How did your weekly weigh-in go this morning?

Why it rocks: Reminders of her plans help keep her on track and hold her accountable to someone.

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