Tone Up The Fun Way With This Strength And Cardio Dance Workout

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This dance workout is the most fun you’ll have in a fitness session. And the best part? It’s a genuine cardio and strength sesh. 

The best workout is one that doesn’t actually feel like a workout at all, but rather feels like you’re just having a good time. And that kind of fun fitness sesh is what group fitness instructor and Next Fitness Star finalist Botle Kaymaba specialises in. Case in point: This high-energy workout. “It’s a cardio jam session that incorporates aerobic movements as well as freestyle dancing,” says Botle. “It’s a great cardio burner workout that will make you feel good, proud and confident at the end of the session.”

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How It Works

Start with the cardio workout. Pump up the volume on the video below and follow along with Botle or simply freestyle. “Just listen to the music and move to the beat,” says Botle. Feel free to play the song more than once. When you’ve warmed up, move on to the strength circuit. Do all sets of each move before proceeding to the next. Once you’ve finished your last set of the third move, you’re done.

CARDIO WARM-UP: Pump up the volume and follow along with Botle… 

For the next workout, you’ll need: A stability ball and a resistance band

Your Moves

1. Lateral Raises

Reps: 8-25 Sets: 2-3

Stand on the resistance band. Hold the tip of the band with palms facing your thighs. Lift your arms sideways to should height and back down to start. That’s one rep.

2.Overhead Tricep Extensions

Reps: 4 Sets: 2

Grab the ends of the resistance band with each hand and stand on the middle of the band with your feet. Pull the band up over your shoulders so that your elbows are pointed forward. Extend your arms upwards until they’re straight, hold for eight counts, then return to start. That’s one rep. Rest for 10 seconds between reps.

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3. Stability Ball Plank With Single Leg Lift

Reps: 10-12 Sets: 3

Lie on your belly on a stability ball, then walk your hands out so the ball is underneath your shins and your hands are in line with your shoulders. Draw your bellybutton towards your spine to engage your abs – this will help keep your spine straight and your body stabilised. Raise one leg straight behind you, then slowly lower it back to start. Keep your pelvis stable.

Watch Botle perform the moves: 

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