8 Total-Body TRX Moves That Are Way Harder Than They Look

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By The Editors of Women’s Health; Photograph by Supreeya Chantalao/Freepik

This trainer makes them look easy—but don’t be fooled.

The TRX supension trainer is a great piece of take-anywhere fitness gear. All you need is a sturdy overhead anchor to attach it to, and you’re all set for a killer workout.

But beyond portability, this seemingly-simple piece of equipment packs some major benefits. “The TRX is a great way to get total-body strength training and really help you with proper posture and alignment,” raves trainer Betina Gozo. That’s because the TRX is designed to add an extra-challenging edge to your workout, using your bodyweight to take your go-to moves to the next level. “I love these moves because they incorporate the whole body, so even when you are doing a leg exercise, you are still using your core and arms.”

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Betina also loves TRX movements “because they are scalable to everyone in the most safe way possible: You can make movements more challenging, but also scale them to be easier.” So no matter what your fitness level, TRX exercises can work your body using movements that look simple but feel hard.

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How does Betina include this training tool into her own fitness regimen? “I love incorporating the TRX as an additional strength move on my days I am lifting heavy weights, but it’s also a great piece of equipment to travel with!” Here, she goes over her eight favorite TRX moves. To make it a complete workout, go through 12 to 15 reps of each exercise, three to five times through.

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