Everything You Need To Know About How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Peace out scars.

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The thing that sucks most about zits (besides, well, everything): the red and brown scars that stick around on your face long after the pimple itself has gone away. “Studies show that acne scarring occurs to some degree in 95 percent of acne patients,” says dermatologist Yunyoung Claire Chang.

So…you’re not alone. Scars show up as acne erythema—or red marks—in lighter-skinned patients, and as post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation—or brown marks—in darker skin tones, says Chang. In some cases, skin texture can become permanently uneven and pitted.

Why does this happen? “Pimples cause a lot of inflammation in the skin, and the way many skin types respond to inflammation and injury is to release colour from cells,” says dermatologist Rachel Nazarian. “You can see this happen with insect bites, cuts, and yes, pimples.”

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The good news: Red and brown acne scars will likely resolve on their own with time, says Chang. And in case you needed another reminder not to pick your pimples… Messing with them can lead to worse discolouration and an increased risk of scarring, she adds.

While deeper, pitted scars don’t respond to OTC treatments (you’ll need to go to your derm for lasers, chemical peels or other treatments), there are certain ingredients that can get rid of brown and red acne scars a little faster. Great ingredients that work for every kind of spot include vitamin C, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and retinoids like tretinoin.

So next time you’re dealing with a dark acne scar on your face, try one of these essential products to get rid of it (and keep it from getting worse):

Optiphi Delta Protection SPF 30 (R600)

The most important acne scar treatment in your arsenal is actually SPF. Try this climate-adapting sunscreen offering SPF 30 protection, as well as UVA, high-energy visible light and infrared radiation protection. Available at Delta Medical Skincare.


Eucerin Even Brighter Spot Corrector (R186)

This spot corrector reduces the appearance of dark spots for a more even complexion. It also supports the repair of cell damage induced by prematurely ageing UV-sunlight. Available at Clicks.

Eucerin spot corrector

African Extracts Purifying Pore Clearing Face Scrub (R69)

This contains salicylic acid, which is ideal for this type of scarring because it prevents future zits while chemically exfoliating skin to fade dark spots faster. Available at Zando.

African Extracts Purifying Pore Clearing Face Scrub

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Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% (R910)

This super-potent booster was designed as a daily supplement to visibly rejuvenate skin from the outside. This antioxidant-rich serum helps both brown spots from acne as well as dark spots from the sun. Available at Clicks.

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%

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