Here Are 7 MORE Reasons Women Are Amazing AF

Who runs the world?

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In honour of International Women’s Day, here are seven reasons women are absolutely-positively-freakin’ amazing!

We Are Legit Game-Changers

Fighting for the right for women to vote – we did that! Fighting against gender-based violence – we do that! Changing societal standards has become second nature for us. Every day women are fighting to change the world as we know it.

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Women like Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, Lilian Ngoyi and Oprah Winfrey have broken barriers for thousands around the world. They inspire us to challenge the status quo, change the system and make this world a better place.

We Epitomise Squad #Goals

Being part of a girl gang is amazing – having a group of women that support you unconditionally is literally #goals. Whether it’s commenting on your picture on Instagram, giving you a pep talk before a big presentation or convincing you to talk to that cute guy in your office, your girls have your back. Alone we are amazing, but together we are freakin’ unstoppable!

We Can REALLY Push, And Protect

Um, you can grow a human inside you, then push that human out into the world. Wow. We even have the ability to love kids that don’t come from our own body. Women are literal forces of nature: we can give life, take care a whole other person and still somehow remain sane. Moms are heroes.

We Can Bleed For, Like, 7 Days… And Not Die

Periods suck, but we still survive them like champs. Cramps, bloating, mood swings, the whole shebang  –and we do it all without menstrual leave.

Multiple Orgasms…

Need I say more?

 Slay, Slay, Slay!

Whether its bare-faced with a messy bun or rocking full make-up and sexy beach waves, honey, we are always ready to slay. Women come in all different shapes and sizes – and each and everyone of them is gorgeous.

We. Just. Are.

There are way more than seven reasons why women are amazing (but it would take forever to list them).

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Whether it’s you getting up every day despite your mental illness, exercising despite not feeling like it, loving yourself despite the years of self-hate – you are a total badass. You are a force to be reckoned with, and there is no one like you.

Here’s to all the strong women – may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them!

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