“I Couldn’t Actually Believe How These ‘Dad Sneakers’ Took My Outfits To The Next-Level”

When a “risky” fashion decision pays off.

Viwe Myburgh |

My typical wardrobe? A bright mix of colourful, pattered clothing. Because while most people are apprehensive about wearing clashing shapes and shades, I’m a non-conformist — bold and daring. So you’d think adding a Dad Sneaker to the already loud mix would be OTT. I tried it. Here’s what happened.

“I Couldn’t Actually Believe How These ‘Dad Sneakers’ Took My Outfits So Next-Level”

For a start, let me tell you about my vibe.

I have days where I wear modern African traditional attire and days where I go for vintage clothes with a smattering of bold African prints. Most of my clothes are custom-made with fabric from Central and West Africa. So would a Cat Dad Sneaker work with this?

Honestly, the bangin’ comeback of the Dad Sneaker couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me. I remember my dad had a similar pair in the Nineties — he’d wear them with jeans and an oversized sweater. Today, I can wear that same outfit and this shoe just takes it next-level.

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I love that these Cat Sneakers refuse to conform

Bold, big and just asking for attention, there’s a reason these sneakers have found favour with millennials. I decided to try them with my outfit. It was a risky move. But it worked.

Look #1

This look works for me when I hit the office. The vintage shirt goes well with the formal check pants, and everybody knows an outfit is never complete without a cool denim or leather jacket. I would normally wear this with a formal tasselled loafer, but these sneakers really make the outfit stand out. My aim was to avoid being too stiff — the Dad Sneaker gave me the balance I was looking for.

“Firstly, I so admire Viwe for her bold fashion choices. I am also a fan of loud colours and prints. That’s why these Cat sneakers are the perfect ‘fit’ for Viwe. They really make a statement and demand attention.” — Sinead Martin, beauty and style editor

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Look #2

This outfit works because even though there are a lot of patterns, the colours almost blend into each other. Best part? This time, instead of playing it safe and opting for a black sneaker, I picked the Cat’s. And it worked: this outfit instantly went from an above-average 8 to a super-edgy 10.

“At first glance, it may appear like this outfit is all about the clashing prints (again, LOVE) but what really ties it all together is Viwe’s clever use of eclectic accessories. Her beanie, sunnies, earrings and shoes finish the look and make it unique to Viwe.” — Sinead Martin, beauty and style editor

Look #3

This outfit is so versatile. I could totally rock it at work (the pants give it that formal feel), then carry it over into evening drinks. Again, while I would’ve played it safe with this outfit and worn black sneaks, now I decided to add a little funk, a little va va voom, and I’m loving the result.

“Adding a Dad Sneaker to a pair of tailored trousers is certainly a bold move… but it works! This is a great way to wear sneakers to the office. If you aren’t daring enough to wear striped trousers then try a pair of plain black or white ones for a more subtle look.” — Sinead Martin, beauty and style editor

Cat Dad Sneakers for the win

This Cat Dad Sneaker has revolutionised the way I see fashion. Without a doubt, it’s made me more daring. Before this, I would never have added such a bold shoe to my outfit. But — surprise! — this unusual addition has actually transformed my style.


Cat Intruder

R 1 999


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