3 Styling Ideas That Prove You Won’t Get Tired Of These Dad Sneakers

Here's to the '90s resurgence.

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We can thank the ’90s resurgence for many things, including The Lion King remake, a Spice Girls reunion tour and the fashionable return of chunky Dad sneakers. You may have worn them the first time around with butterfly hair clips, bell-bottoms and a crop top, but the year 2019 sees the chunky footwear get a whole new styling take.

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Here, our features writer Ondela Mlandu shows just how you can use Dad sneakers to update your current wardrobe:

1/ A Slick Overcoat

When it comes to the optimum outfit formula, balance is key. Here Ondela has cleverly balanced the chunkiness of Dad sneakers with a statement knit and puffy jacket. By adding volume to her top half, the shoes don’t seem half as overpowering as you might expect.

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2/ Make It Tonal

When your footwear has the power to make a statement, avoid wearing any other items that are going to compete for attention with your shoes. Ondela nails this rule here by pairing her bold Dad sneakers with an all-black ensemble.

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3/ Make it Luxe

Anyone who thinks sneakers are not approps evening wear is seriously mistaken. Pairing her dad sneaks with a crushed velvet mini skirt is a really clever way to smarten up footwear. Plus, there’s absolutely nothing (and no sore feet) stopping you from dancing the night away with this look. Bravo, Ondela!

You can find this boot and other great styles at catfootwear.co.za.

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