These Work Shoes Look Profesh — But Won’t Kill Your Feet

"Somehow these boots had the transformative power of making any drab outfit look stylish and professional.”

Megan Flemmit |

I’ll be the first person to admit that I severely lack a sense of style. When it comes to getting dressed for work in the morning, I generally pull out the first item of clothing that’s available – and if I’m being honest, it usually ends up being a pair of jeans with the first top I spot. It’s really difficult to mess up a jeans and top combo. Which is why it’s always my go-to.

The challenge

But while the combo is comfortable and easy to put together – it doesn’t scream professional working woman. Instead I look more like a student arriving for their internship than anything else. Since I work for a health and fitness magazine, I’m rarely motivated to change my style. But then I was handed a pair of CAT boots, and challenged to wear them for a week. If ever there was a way to make my simple style even easier, it would be to wear the same pair of shoes every single day. But there was a caveat to this challenge. I needed to look professional while wearing them.

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The boots

I had a moment of panic while I thought about whether I owned anything other than jeans (I did). But when I saw the boots, I breathed a sigh of relief. The CAT Jessa boots are super stylish. The fact that they were maroon helped. My style closely resembles that of Wednesday Addams – all black everything. These boots injected some colour into my mostly single colour outfits. Somehow these boots had the transformative power of making any drab outfit look stylish and professional.

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My week in pictures…

The first day of the challenge I stuck to wearing jeans but paired them with a more formal top. Looking professional had never been easier than just adding these boots.

As I dressed for work the next day, I spent more time thinking about my outfit. The first day proved that the boots could make anything look professional. It would be all too easy to reach for another pair of jeans. But as I stared at the clothes in my cupboard I found myself wanting to change up my look a bit. That day I grabbed a grey pencil skirt and black off the shoulder top. Nothing says professional more than a pencil skirt. The heeled ankle boots completed the look.

The next day I slipped back into my old habit of reaching for a pair of jeans – this time white. But despite the jeans, and all too casual top, I still managed to look somewhat professional – thanks to the boots.

I decided to end the challenge off with a bang. The boots deserved to go out in style, so I wore a pair of high waisted black shorts, a maroon crop top, and a black blazer. This was my favourite look. Walking around, I felt like a caterpillar who had emerged into a professional butterfly.

I’m happy to have added the boots to my range of footwear. The foam footbed made the heeled ankle boots extremely comfortable to wear – even on days when I was on my feet for hours at a time. They gave my style and feet the much needed lift they deserved.

The CAT Footwear Ladies’ Jessa boots retail for R2 099 and come in sizes UK 3 to UK 8. You can find these ankle boots and other great styles at

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