“I Found The Perfect Heels: All Of The Height, None Of The Wobble”

Could these be the best heels for a night out?

Cally Silberbauer |

I’m not super short, but I’m definitely below average height, so throwing on a pair of heels for a night out just makes sense. Except for one minor drawback: I can’t walk in heels. Either my feet ache so much that I can’t stand anymore, or I do that thing where you basically snap your ankle.

As a runner and cyclist, I need both of my ankles intact, so what’s a short girl to do? Well, after taking a pair of Pearls for a spin, I think I have the answer…

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The best way to put a pair of heels to the test

Take them out on the town! So, last night I met up with a few Stellies friends I haven’t seen in a while. Wednesday is “student night”, so clubs were on the cards, but only after a more classy catch-up at Craft eatery. I was free to dress a little more fancy, a little less dancey, so I paired my new footwear with a pair of mustard skinny jeans and a lacey white top. It worked – I looked good.

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We headed to Craft around 8pm. As usual in Stellies, there was no parking close to our destination, so let the walking commence… And get this: For once in my high-heeled life, I didn’t trip or roll an ankle! In fact, the boots felt more like my go-to going out shoes (sneakers) than heels. And, bonus: I no longer felt dwarfed by my taller buddies. I felt kinda important, and pretty too. My friends also boosted my confidence with compliments.

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Clubbin’ and not stumblin’

After a drink and a bit to eat, it was time to venture out. We headed to Balboa Balcony Bar first for half-price cocktails. Note: Even though I was technically in heels, my feet weren’t getting that ache they usually do – a modern-day miracle. From there, we headed to my old stomping ground, Die Mystic Boer, or Mystics, or Mistakes, depending on how your evening goes – wink. The night included more walking than dancing in the end, as we headed home early, but I’m happy to report no twisted twigs at all. Thanks for the life support, Pearl.

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